Red Flags

God is our faithful guide and our loving counselor. He promises to lead us through life and be with us in every season. In His goodness and mercy toward us, He gives us red flags in our hearts if something ahead will bring danger or destruction.  

Red flags aren’t meant to keep you from having fun, but rather to keep you on the right path for your life so you can fully live out your God-given destiny! Learning to follow God even when you don’t understand requires trust and obedience, but it’s so worth it because you learn to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and let Him lead, guide, and counsel you through every step of life.  

Red Flags for Singles
  • If you really like her/him, but they act embarrassed around you in public.
  • If they treat you extra sweet, but they treat others totally different.
  • If they are emotionally reckless on a regular basis. (Example: really angry in sports.)
  • If they tell you immediately that they love you and talk to you like you’re married after one week of dating.
  • If they cut off all their good close friends to only be with you and they expect you to do the same.
  • If they are always blaming others for their mistakes and never own up to their own faults.
  • If they never listen to you or ask about your heart, feelings, likes, etc.
  • If they put you on a pedestal of perfection and idolize you in a creepy way.
Red Flags for Marriage
  • If there hasn’t been physical intimacy in a long time.
  • If they stop apologizing for bad behavior and won’t say I’m sorry.
  • If they pick and choose certain scriptures to fit what benefits them even if it hurts you.
  • If there are no boundaries with the in laws and they get involved in your fights, decisions, parenting,  etc
  • If they refuse to go get counseling after there’s been multiple conversations about how it could be helpful for your marriage to get stronger. 
  • If they stop wanting to be around family, friends, or any support system.
  • If they stop serving at your local church and start worshipping the narcisting trinity: me, myself, and I. 
  • If they stop making an effort to spend quality time together.