World Missions

In November 1991, Pastors Billy Joe and Sharon held their first crusade in St. Petersburg, Russia. On returning home they felt God speak to them this was the first of eighteen months of these kinds of meetings, one each month, in St. Petersburg. Through these outreaches thousands of lives were changed, many people were saved, healed and delivered by the power of God. Since that time, Victory has held many of these crusades, now called Victory World Outreaches, in numerous countries. Each outreach has many areas of ministry including nightly services, pastors and leadership conferences, women’s conferences, food distribution, medical clinics, and much more.


Leader's Conference

Pastor Sharon and other leaders teach day-time conferences for pastors and leaders of the area/country the Victory World Outreach is being held. Pastor Sharon and the leaders take time to share on leadership principles, imparting and teaching with integrity and honesty, believers doing the work of the ministry, casting the vision for 5-fold ministry, strengthening homes and families, and more. Then a time of prayer and commissioning pastors and leaders for the end time harvest is held. Many people are refreshed and renewed in these anointed conferences.


Women's Conference

During the Women’s Conference, Pastor Sharon ministers to the spiritual and physical needs of the women. There is a time of teaching on such topics as "You are Valuable", "Avoiding Deception", "Past Abuse and Restoration", "Marriage and Family", and "Women in Ministry". After the Word is preached, Pastor Sharon, along with a team, pray for the ladies who respond to the prayer invitations where many ladies are set free from emotional, physical, and spiritual bondages. Each lady is also presented with a gift bag.


International Victory Bible Institute (IVBI)

The vision of IVBI is presented during the leader’s conference and many IVBI’s have been established as the leaders connect with the vision. Many teachers are needed for these schools. If you are interested in doing short-term teaching in an IVBI, email to get more information and an application. // Website



A food coupon is given to the local churches and distributed by them to needy people in their area. The person with the coupon must attend the nightly crusade in order to have their coupon validated. The following Sunday after the Victory World Outreach, the people take their validated coupons to their local church and after the service redeem their coupon for food. This process allows people the opportunity to hear the Word of God during the evening services and also at their local church. A connection is then made with their local church so that they can be discipled and fed spiritually, along with being fed physically with the food they receive.


Orphan Care Ministry

If you would like more information about Orphan Care you can contact our Missions Department. (918) 491-7630


Free Literature

Thousands of "This New Life" have been distributed to the people in their own languages.



Many places that Victory holds outreaches are where there are the greatest needs. Often times these people do not have adequate access to medical attention. Pastor Billy Joe had a vision to get medical professionals involved in missions and invited them to come along as part of the Victory World Outreach team. The medical outreaches have included dentists, optometrists, pediatricians, ear, nose and throat specialists, general practitioners, and others. These medical outreaches are times where people have their physical ailments treated through medicine and prayer and they are invited to attend the evening crusades.

Contact: Missions Department
Phone: 918.491.7630
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