For the Future

For the Future
Our Dream has always been to have
a MAIN central campus for families and
students all on the same property.
For our Victory College and Youth Ministry
to be connected to the main house.
We now need to make room.
Goal | $4 Million
Given | $4 Million
WE DID IT! $4 Million Given

Only 2 out of 10 Americans under 30 believe
attending a Church is important or worthwhile.

35 percent of Millennials have an anti-church stance,
believing the church does more harm than good.

Generation Z (Born 1997 or Later) is the largest
generation in the U.S. with a population of 86.4 Million.

Changing Culture starts with Biblical Literacy
and instilling a Christian worldview at a young age.

We can accomplish this through intentional investment
in our Bible College, Christian School, as well as our
kids and youth programs.

Combined, this will enable us to:
  • Build a Brand New Building
    for Kids/Youth, Victory College
    & Discipleship Classrooms.


  • Fully Renovate our Current
    VCS Building, Classrooms, &
    3rd FLoor Creation Chapel
    To Handle Max Capacity.
  • The potential to purchase 4 acres of land connected to our property for future building projects


Let’s rise up and build God’s kingdom
for future generations to know God & be equipped
to fulfill His purpose for their lives