21 Days of Fasting

Prayer & Fasting
21 Days of Fasting & Prayer

Clear Focus. Clear Vision. Clear Faith. 2020.
They say it takes 21 days to CHANGE your life, to change your story.
It takes 21 days of repetitive confessio to change an inner narrative.

Prayer & Fasting
  • Clears the Spiritual, Mental, and Emotional Fog
  • Helps you respond with divine guidance & not just react in your own understand
  • Brings Focus to what really matters
  • Helps you release unnecessary baggage
  • Produces courage that God is with you, for you, & wants to show you favor
  • Stirs a deeper hunger for what really satisfies your soul
  • Brings you to a desperation for God's Will to be done in your life
  • Insists that we quiet our hearts and wait, slowing us down to receive from God
  • Initiates the Vision's fulfillment acting as a catalyst for our faith
  • Infuses God's Vision in us and enables us to see what God wants us to do
  • Connects us to God
  • Prayer is the secret weapon against discouragement, against fear, shame, etc.
  • Private prayer produces public power
  • Fasting disconnects us from the world