Afghanistan Rescue

Victory Family,

We wanted to give a churchwide update regarding the situation in Afghanistan, and how Victory is involved in bringing relief to a nation in desperate need.

Through the generous support of our church in partnership with Victory missionaries and local nonprofits, we’ve seen 34 people rescued from Afghanistan so far! We are so grateful to God for the miraculous safety of these individuals, and we believe God for more to be rescued in the days to come.

Join us in bringing needed relief to our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan by rallying around them in immense prayer. You can also support by texting the keyword “RESCUE” and an amount to 28950.

We also have the incredible opportunity to bring 3 high school students who have been rescued to Victory Christian School this year, and we are asking for your help in making this possible.

Funds are needed for legal documentation, transportation to Tulsa, tuition, food, housing, healthcare, and living expenses for these 3 students over the next 4 years as they complete high school here at VCS. You can join us in sponsoring these students to come to Tulsa by texting the keyword RESCUE and an amount to 28950.

Thank you for your faith and generosity in praying for Afghanistan, and for bringing relief to so many in need. We are grateful to see the Church united like never before as we stand with our fellow believers in Afghanistan.

We want to challenge you to choose someone in your life to reach out to. It could be your physical next-door neighbor, or it could be an acquaintance at work your children’s school. Whoever it is, we are going to partner with you to help reach that person. We’ll be sending out resources and tools that you can utilize to help you reach that neighbor of yours.

Jesus says we will be known as his disciples by the way we love each other. Let’s show that we are followers of Jesus by Being a Neighbor.